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The first inclusion onto the blockchain is the Solfeggio frequency. A highly secretive, controversial and undeniably beautiful range of frequencies that range from 147 Hz to 963 Hz and form the classic “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti” on the musical scale.

This collection offers a total 9 frequencies. Each contains 10 patterns. Each pattern will be minted once only making them unique, one of a kind art pieces that in turn are rare.

We will be dropping frequency art on the blockchain weekly. Connect with us on social to stay up to date on all future announcements and upcoming drops.

If you want to support this project there is no better way than owning your own unique piece of timeless frequency art as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Investment starts at just 0.33 ETH making this an affordable entry for all.

From time to time we will even give the odd one away for free, if we like you and you like white rabbits!

There may also be some exclusives but that’s all we are saying for now……

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this project as much as we enjoy creating it. We look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.

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